Music is food for my soul.
— Elizabeth Rose

The Life of Elizabeth Rose

It all began when I was at the horse barn … that sounds like an unlikely start to a music artist’s journey … well maybe, maybe not! 

I remember the day so vividly. I was eleven years old, out doing my chores and feeding the horses. I just so happened to be singing a few of my favorite songs as the neighbors were driving by. I didn’t see them, but they heard me, stopped behind a tree, and listened as I unknowingly serenaded them for about fifteen minutes.

When I arrived back at the house for dinner that evening mother asked if I would be interested in taking voice lessons. She shared about getting a phone call from our neighbors who excitedly told her all about their drive-by concert experience. Shelly Murphy confidently exclaimed, “Your daughter has the voice of an angel” and I think she should take voice lessons from my son.

This experience began my journey into the classical music realm as I began studying piano at the age of ten and voice at the age age of twelve. While attending Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs I joined Nuance, the all girls a cappella group, then became a member of the Colorado Springs Choral, and upon graduating high school I joined Opera Festival Di Roma in Rome, Italy for three weeks to sing in two operas. During my time at Belhaven University as a vocal performance major, I discovered just how much my heart was drawn to writing my own music, composing for a wide variety of instruments, and sharing my creative expression through music. 

Over the years the balance between performing my favorite classical repertoire has tetter-tottered with leading worship for several different churches and Christian events around the world. At times it has been a struggle - thinking that I had to choose one or the other - but over time I’ve come to realize that different people resonate with different styles of music, and different moments require a '“sound” that expresses the essence of the hearts of the people present. 

In life, my goal is to always see the best in a person and make it shine! Likewise, in music, I enjoy discovering the individual notes and the lyrics that touch the soul, and create a sparkle. 

With the release of my first album titled “Peace Like A River”, the goal is to share a few of my favorite old hymns that have touched countless lives over the years. (Actually, my goal in starting the project was to FINALLY get in the studio and record some songs after just talking about it for ten years!! Now you know part of my secret. However … ) I love the stories behind each song and what was going on in the author’s life or what event took place that created the writing of such soul-stirring lyrics and music.

Along with each of the songs on the album, including my original titled “Who Can Say”, I am releasing the story behind the song, plus a bible study that correlates with the song lyrics. My hope is that you, the listener, will be captured and intrigued by the simplicity and depth of each song, and find some sort of personal application in your life and faith journey. 

What’s Next … I am currently brushing off the dust from several songs that I started on months or years ago, plus adding a few new ones. The goal is to record a second album with all of my original music. Stay tuned for updates! And please say a prayer. It’s not easy putting my heart and soul on display through the music I write. It’s a journey, and one of the things that I’ve also found the most freedom in - creating a new sound.  

Thank you for going on this journey with me!

Much Love,

Elizabeth Rose


The Destiny Project

At age twelve I was out feeding my horses and said a very life-defining prayer. I asked the Lord to show me one thing that I could do to serve people and make an impact for His Kingdom. What almost instantly came to mind was the inspiration of owning a ranch that would serve as a retreat center for families to come, get away from the normal hustle and bustle of life, participate in outdoor activities with each other, receive ministry and counseling, eat healthy food and make sure that each person goes away with a “full love tank”. 

Since that first prayer, much has transpired. The dream has grown and taken on a life of its own. With the help of the Lord and many other people, I am seeing this project come together. The vision has now grown to incorporate a retreat center on one portion of the property and a conference center and training center on another portion of the property. The goal is to be a training and equipping center where groups of people from different backgrounds and interests can come to participate in workshops and conferences focused on their desired area of learning. 

One week can be focused on music and well-known artists will be brought in to do a music workshop. Another week can be specifically geared towards Christian ministry and missions. Another week will have focused training for businessmen and women who need tools to incorporate their faith and moral values in their workplace. Hosting events to serve veterans and public service men and women is another aspect of what we will offer. We desire for the retreat center to also be a safe place where leaders can come to relax, receive personal ministry by experienced inner healing ministers and know that their most personal needs will be looked after with great care and nondisclosure.    

The name “Destiny” came to mind one day when I was praying and thinking about the hope that we have in the Lord for fullness of life and joy and prosperity. Jeremiah 29:11 is a foundation verse for this belief. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

The Lord does indeed have a good plan for each and every person. It is up to us to understand our identity as a son or daughter of the Most High God, the Creator of the Universe, and then allow the Lord to guide and direct our lives so that we live in the fullness of who we were created to be. 

Currently there is a small group of individuals working on this project with the goal for the first ranch to be located near Kerrville, TX. We believe that once there is one functioning location, other leaders will come along and want to create an organization of properties around the world who offer similar venues, all with the goal of training and equipping the Body of Christ to be effective in their area of expertise. 

If reading this touches your heart and you would like to be a part of this project, if you have expertise teaching on a specific topic, if you are in management and looking for a part-time or full-time position, if you are an investor who would like to fund a portion of this project, please contact me. I would love to meet you!